Sunshine, Ice Cream and Craft Beer - George and Clare
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Wednesday, August 08, 2018
By Pocket Square Photography
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It's been a while since I've been able to sit down and write about some of the amazing weddings I've been doing, turns out having a new born baby and working from home is a tricky combination!  The baby is beginning to get into a routine, and so am I!  I thought I'd get the ball rolling again by sharing some photographs from George and Clare's stunning sunny wedding at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel.


It was the first wedding I had back after taking a short paternity leave, and it couldn't have been easier to photograph.  The day was full of handmade and DIY touches, including bunting on the trees, a huge fire pit, and (most importantly) a refurbished 1930's beer pump.  After the bright and beautiful outdoor ceremony, we took the bride and groom and a few guests into the Dryburgh Abbey for some photographs in the ruins.  It was really great to have access to the grounds, and there was a bit of everything in there to give us a variety to the photos. Unfortunately, there was a problem with George's homemade beer, and the kegs had to be sourced from a local brewery for the pumps.  I don't think anyone minded after they had the first couple of pints though!  There was also plenty of ice-cream, marshmallows for the fire and of course a generous helping of wedding cake for everyone.


It was really great to have a couple who were up for exploring for the photographs, especially when it came to heading down to the lake a little bit later on.  Thankfully the midges weren't too hungry that night, and no one ended up falling into the water (although I really came as close to it as possible).  The first dance was a ceilidh and the whole dance floor was jumping.  I always say that photographing a ceilidh at a wedding is the closest I come to putting my life on the line, and this wedding was no exception!


Thanks for having us along!


Second shooter/Beer pouring hand model - David Ruff

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