A Stylish Italian Wedding at Lake Como
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Friday, December 01, 2017
By Pocket Square Photography
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Dave and Emma's beautiful Lake Como wedding was everything you'd expect from an Italian wedding; sunshine, wine, great food and passionate dancing. About 24 hours before it though, it was a different story! I was stranded at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, patiently waiting to be told if my flight was going to take off or be delayed until the following day. It was pretty stressful, but I managed to get a really late flight and rock up to the car rental place at Milan at 1am (they waited for my flight to get in, I felt equally relieved and bad that they had to wait at the same time). The drive from Milan to Lake Como at 2am in the morning was definitely what I would call a "life experience", and the 45 minutes it took to find my B&B at 4am was an "adventure". But all of that drama aside, I was happy that I'd made it in time (albeit 10 hours later than I was expecting to be) and I got a few hours of sleep before the big day!


After breakfast in the morning, I made my way over to get a feel for the area. As a photographer in a place that you're unfamiliar with, it's easy to have a little bit of a worry about finding nice locations to compose your photographs. Needless to day, the moment I stepped outside I realised that I didn't need to worry! The colourful buildings and wide open, beautiful landscapes made it almost impossible to not get a beautiful shot. 


The ceremony took place at Villa del Balbianello, a short boat ride from where the guests were staying. There were no seats at the ceremony, which gave it a really warm intimacy that was only just heightened by the surroundings. "Reception" was a long boat ride around the lake, stopping off at Varenna for a couple of hours to let the guests explore the area and do their own thing. There was plenty of ice cream and pizza at this point!


The day was topped off with an evening of speeches and great food, and of course the whole room was up for great big dance to finish it all off. The following day I managed to meet up with everyone and hear about the rest of the night (I only made it to midnight, but bear in mind I'd only had around 4 hours sleep!), and it sounded like it went on until the small hours of the morning. The journey back home was much less stressful than the one coming out, and the flights back to Glasgow gave me enough time to reflect on what a beautiful location and wedding this was.

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